Commercial painting & Epoxies

Specialised paints & epoxies for commercial & industrial areas

When it comes to commercial and industrial painting for areas such as warehouses, factories, educational facilities, offices and retail outlets, a different approach is required when compared to a residential project. Commercial and industrial spaces often include high traffic areas that encompass the regular use of heavy machinery, wear & tear, chemical usage & spillages, as well as increased human traffic. Therefore painting for these spaces is not only an aesthetic requirement but more importantly one of protection and practicality.

Quality Epoxies

Business owners often ask, “What is the most durable surface paint or epoxy resin for floors?” A true epoxy is a two part product, where prior to application the resin is mixed with a hardener. The better the quality of the epoxy the better the product will deliver under foot. There are cheaper and therefore lower in quality epoxies on the market, but after applying a lower grade epoxy the end result is often disappointing and requires more work to remove and re-apply, when the product does not perform.

In addition, if an epoxy resin is mixed incorrectly or at an incorrect ratio it will result in a softening of the surface film, as well as showing signs of peeling after a short period of time. As professional painters we have mastered the art of epoxy application and consider ourselves epoxy flooring specialists. We assess the condition of the substrate, provide advice on the best epoxy cover and apply it correctly. This ensures the application is guaranteed to last.

We cover

  • Shop fronts and shopping centres
  • Floor epoxies and painting
  • Warehouses
  • Lead paint removal
  • Metal surfaces
  • Line marking for specialised areas
  • Educational establishments
  • Sporting facilities
  • Parks and recreation

There are a multitude of epoxies on the market and each floor will require a specific product… don’t make the mistake of using the wrong epoxy.

What is a specialised paint for commercial areas?

A lot of the time most business owners assume that paint is paint and in most situations a premium wall paint can be used in areas such as retail outlets and gymnasiums. However when it comes to commercial warehouses and industrial areas - chemical exposure, machinery and environmental degradation must be considered.

As qualified industrial paint contractors, having been in the business for over a decade, we understand paint application methods in accordance with product data sheets. We also take into account the service life of a specific industrial coating in relation to all elements that can have a negative impact to the coating's performance.

When it comes to correct commercial coatings we look at factors such as:

Environmental conditions:
High temperatures, humidity levels and chemical exposure contributes to the deterioration of coating systems e.g., cracking, peeling and colour fade.

Environmental conditions:
High temperatures, humidity levels and chemical exposure contributes to the deterioration of coating systems e.g., cracking, peeling and colour fade.

Corrosion and rust:
Safeguarding metal surfaces from corrosion and rust is essential in ensuring the integrity of the substrate. Different surfaces will require different cleaning methods. Oil, dirt, grease, salts etc., will determine what approach is best, as well as what primer inhibitor is necessary for that particular material. Correct metal surface preparation is critical for the adhesion of the coating.

Water stains and mould growth:
Moisture build up inside of walls can eventually lead to fungal growth, cold spots and early paint failure. Water damage is costly in repairs and early detection can save thousands. An experienced paint contractor will pay close attention and suggest repairs to signs of water infiltration before commencing any paint work.

Correct coating products and application will be longer lasting and maintains the integrity of the substrate.

A selection of our projects include:

  • Kitchen Connection Showrooms
  • Clayfield College
  • Wavell High School
  • Diesel Clothing Shop at DFO
  • Project Homes at Narangba
  • Gold Coast Veterinary Centre
  • Architectural housing
  • Shopping Retail Outlets

Over the years we have taken pride in the relationships we’ve formed - not only with our customers but with the companies and tradesman that we work with.